Graduate Students
Meenakshi A's picture Meenakshi A


South Asia; materiality; history of technology; environmental history; histories of the built environment.

Kamil Ahsan's picture Kamil Ahsan

History of Science, History of Medicine

environmental history; coral reefs; history of biology; Pacific history.

Allegra Ayida's picture Allegra Ayida


Longue durée; Environmental and maritime history; Niger Delta; oil politics.

Paul Burow's picture Paul Burow

FES and Anthropology

land and wildlife conservation; multi-species entanglements; settler colonialism; Native North America; environmental humanities.

Estrella Castillo's picture Estrella Castillo

History of Science and Medicine

Indigenous science and technology studies; Indigenous religions under the law; hikuri Peyote cactus; anticolonial and decolonial movement; materiality of psychedelics

John D'Amico's picture John D'Amico


social and economic history; Tokugawa Japan; land redevelopment after famine in northeast Japan; changes in the urban social order of nineteenth century Kyoto.

Breeanna Elliott's picture Breeanna Elliott

History of Science, History of Medicine

ethnobotany; oral history; gender; Indian Ocean slave trade networks; traditional medicine and healing systems in Madagascar and Tanzania.

Kristine Ericson's picture Kristine Ericson

Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

Environmental history, STS, history of technology, history of design

Martha Guerrero Badillo's picture Martha Guerrero Badillo


U.S. 20th-century history; Latin America; climate-driven migration; rural sustainability; indigenous migrants; U.S. immigration policy

Molly Harris's picture Molly Harris


public health history; environmental history; twentieth century US history; environmental and public health politics; corporate pollution.

Peter Haskin's picture Peter Haskin


Latin American history; cartography; religious history.

Chelsea Jack's picture Chelsea Jack


ethnography; history; U.S. farming; “industrial hemp”; experimental agriculture; bioethics.
Henry Jacob's picture Henry Jacob

Graduate School Student, History, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

Interoceanic transit; environmental governance systems; histories of colonization and conservation; tropical and polar regions; sovereignty

Marta Kalabinski


modern Eastern European history; modern Western Europe; environmental, political and social history of Poland; ports; post-World War II urban reconstruction; postwar communism and resistance.

Caitlin Kossmann's picture Caitlin Kossmann

History of Science, History of Medicine

global histories of conservation and environment; aesthetics and science; history of the life sciences; meanings of nature / the natural in the history of science.

Dante LaRiccia's picture Dante LaRiccia


Environmental governance; international and environmental systems; history of science; political ecology.

Charlotte Leib's picture Charlotte Leib


US history; early American environmental history; landscape history; histories of architecture, landscape architecture, planning & urbanism; urban studies; geography; environmental justice.

Oliver Lucier's picture Oliver Lucier

History of Science and Medicine

history of geography; history of the Earth sciences; environmental history.
Camila Marcone's picture Camila Marcone

Medieval Studies

climate history; Late Medieval Iberia; early modern Latin America; digital humanities; environmental history.

Chris Melvin's picture Chris Melvin


Latin American history; environmental history; development and indigenous politics in twentieth-century Latin America.

Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan


sugar in Japan; society and the environment; commodities and trade; technology transfers; local history; agricultural experiments; island societies; Brazil and the Caribbean.

Mikhail Moosa's picture Mikhail Moosa

Graduate Student, History, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

African history; South African history; Environmental history; Energy history; Social history
Harshavardan Raghunandhan's picture Harshavardan Raghunandhan


Modern South Asia; political economy; environmental history; public health.

Taylor Rose's picture Taylor Rose


nineteenth and twentieth century US environmental history; North American West; race and identity; rural space and place; federal land management; transportation infrastructure.

Tony Yeboah's picture Tony Yeboah

Graduate Student, History

Africa: West Africa, architecture, the built environment, urban planning, palaceology

Marcus Yee's picture Marcus Yee

Graduate Student, History, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

Southeast Asia; environmental history; Science and Technology Studies, Cold War, urban history

Parker Zane's picture Parker Zane

Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Mesopotamian intellectual history; environmental history; human-environment relations; history of meterology; environmental archaeology.

Xinyue Zhang's picture Xinyue Zhang

Graduate School Student, History, and Whitney Fellow in the Environmental Humanities

Modern China and East Asia; Environmental History; Science and Technology Studies; World War II; Social History 

Anthony Acciavatti's picture Anthony Acciavatti

Diana Balmori Assistant Professor of Architecture

History of Science and Technology; Landscape; Architecture; Agriculture; Infrastructure

Alvita Akiboh's picture Alvita Akiboh

Assistant Professor of History

United States history; U.S. imperialism; Caribbean; Pacific; material culture; identity; disaster studies

Sunil Amrith's picture Sunil Amrith

Renu and Anand Dhawan Professor of History

Modern South Asian, Southeast Asian and Indian Ocean history; the history of migration and diasporas; environmental history, especially the history of water and climate; the history of port cities

Laura Barraclough's picture Laura Barraclough

Sarai K. Ribicoff Associate Professor of American Studies

Ethnographic and spatial analyses of urban life and culture; geography; ethnicity and culture; environmental justice

Paola Bertucci's picture Paola Bertucci

Associate Professor of History and History of Medicine; Assistant Curator Peabody Museum

Science and medicine in the age of Enlightenment: the involvement of the human body in electrical experiments, the material culture of science, science and secrecy

Carol Carpenter's picture Carol Carpenter

Senior Lecturer, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Social ecology, sustainable development and conservation, gender in agrarian and ecological systems.

Deborah Coen's picture Deborah Coen

Professor, Chair of the History of Science & Medicine Program

History of the modern physical and environmental sciences; Central European intellectual and cultural history

Amity Doolittle's picture Amity Doolittle

Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Property rights and control over natural resources, political ecology, environmental history of Southeast Asia, Latin America, and New Haven

Michael Dove's picture Michael Dove

Margaret K. Musser Professor of Social Ecology and Anthropology; Dep Dir Climate & Energy Inst, Curator Peabody Museum

Environmental anthropology, climate and society, South and Southeast Asia

Fabian Drixler's picture Fabian Drixler

Professor of History

Cultural history and historical demography, climate, Japanese and East Asian history

Paul Freedman's picture Paul Freedman

Chester D Tripp Prof History

Medieval social history, the history of Spain, comparative studies of the peasantry, and history of food and cuisine. 

Jay Gitlin's picture Jay Gitlin

Lecturer in History

History of the French in the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes, American Indian history, the history of the American West, Canadian history, and the suburbanization of America.  

Robert Harms's picture Robert Harms

Henry J. Heinz Prof History & African Studies

African history, environmental history, colonialism, history of the slave trade. 

Hi'ilei Hobart's picture Hi'ilei Hobart

Assistant Professor of Native and Indigenous Studies

Settler colonialism; environment; Indigenous sovereignty; food studies; cultural memory; Hawai’i

Benedict Kiernan's picture Benedict Kiernan

A Whitney Griswold Prof of History

Southeast Asian history, environmental History of Viet Nam, history of genocide, climate, agriculture

Joseph Manning's picture Joseph Manning

William K & Marilyn Milton Simpson Prof of Classics & History; Sr Rsrch Scholar Law Sch

History of the Ancient world, legal and economic history, climate history

Alan Mikhail's picture Alan Mikhail

Professor of History

Environmental history of the early modern and modern Middle East, history of human-animal relations, irrigation and natural resource management, agrarian history

Peter Perdue's picture Peter Perdue

Professor Emeritus of History

Modern Chinese social and economic history, environmental history, history of frontiers, and world history.

Joanna Radin's picture Joanna Radin

Associate Professor of History of Medicine and History and History and Anthropology

History of biology, medicine, and anthropology since 1945; scientific expeditions, biomedical ethics, human subjects research, collections, and laboratories; history of global health; biomedical technology
William Rankin's picture William Rankin

Associate Professor of History

The physical and earth sciences since the mid-19th century; military, industrial, and governmental science; history of cartography; science and architecture; visual studies; environmental history
Carolyn Roberts's picture Carolyn Roberts

Assistant Professor, History of Science and Medicine & African American Studies

Fields of interest: 

Medicine and slavery in the Atlantic world; race, medicine, and science; history of medicine in Africa and the African diaspora; health and protest in African American history; non-Western medicine and global health

Elihu Rubin's picture Elihu Rubin

Associate Professor of Architecture and of American Studies

Built environments of nineteenth- and twentieth-century cities, the history and theory of city planning, urban geography and cultural landscape, transportation and mobility, architectural preservation and heritage planning, and the social life of urban space

Paul Sabin's picture Paul Sabin

Randolph W. Townsend Professor of History

United States environmental history, energy politics, environmental humanities, political, legal, and economic history

Stuart Schwartz's picture Stuart Schwartz

George Burton Adams Professor of History

History of colonial Latin America, especially Brazil, the history of Early Modern expansion, history of hurricanes and other natural disasters 

Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan's picture Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan

Dinakar Singh Prof of India & South Asia Studies, Prof of Anthropology and Sch of For & Env Stu

Environmental history and political anthropology of forests, agriculture, human-animal relations, and urban environments in India

Harvey Weiss's picture Harvey Weiss

Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Anthropology and Forestry & Environmental Studies

Mesopotamia, early agriculture, cities and empires; Holocene paleoclimatology and environmental change.

Nurfadzilah Yahaya's picture Nurfadzilah Yahaya

Assistant Professor of History

History of Southeast Asia; History of Indian Ocean; History of Islamic World; Environmental History; History of Infrastructure; Legal History

Yuan Chen's picture Yuan Chen


Environmental history; East Asian history; Middle Period; conquest dynasties; forestry and militarization; food and culture; urban ecology; frontier and borderland. 

Camille Cole's picture Camille Cole


Camille Cole’s dissertation uses a group of Ottoman and Iranian notables – tribal leaders, landowners, and entrepreneurs – as nodes through which to investigate the making of multi-imperial space in what is now southern Iraq. The Ottoman, British, and Qajar states all pursued imperial expansion and consolidation in the region roughly bounded by the Tigris-Euphrates-Karun river basin south of Baghdad. In addition to jockeying for political influence with local notables, all three states carried out projects of modernity, including remaking regional trade with steamships and linking the control of people and land with new land tenure regimes. Their existence alongside powerful local actors forced the three states to adjust both the goals and the application of these projects to fit the social, cultural, and environmental characteristics of southern Iraq. In the process, they created a unique configuration of modernity: a multi-imperial space of overlapping sovereignties and power brokers.

Sigma Colon

American Studies

Sigma Colón studies the intersections of spatial analysis, environmental, and cultural politics from the late 19th through the 21st century. Her dissertation, “Rivers Seen and Unseen,” examines popular accounts of river regions as vehicles for representing and altering the exploitation of people and rivers. In addition to her work on river systems, as a member of the Yale Working Group on Globalization and Culture she has published work on invasive species as a kind of occupation tied to racialized geographies, as well as on the political economy of nature that examines environmental degradation and reparation for that destruction as liabilities and as forms of indebtedness within the context of the Global North-South divide. 

Liana DeMarco's picture Liana DeMarco

History of Science, History of Medicine

history of medicine; environmental history in the Americas; transnational history of health culture in Cuba and the Lower Mississippi Valley.

Keri Lambert's picture Keri Lambert


Keri Lambert is a PhD student specializing in twentieth-century African and environmental history. Her dissertation, “Planting Trees, Tapping Ghanaians: Cultivating Rubber and Nationhood in 20th Century Ghana,” will explore the ways in which farmers, the state, and transnational companies consolidated land, labor, and capital to develop rubber plantations in colonial and post-colonial Ghana. The rubber industry presents a particularly useful case to observe how Ghanaians in rural areas of the peripheral Western Region have engaged with hegemonic institutions and resources – both natural and social – in dynamic ways throughout political and economic reforms during the colonial and post-colonial eras. She is advised by Bob Harms, and her dissertation committee includes Paul Sabin, Dan Magaziner, and Jeffrey Ahlman (from Smith College).

Adrian Lerner Patron's picture Adrian Lerner Patron


Environmental history; Latin American history; the history of public health; social and political history

Joanna Linzer's picture Joanna Linzer


mountains; environmental history; Tokugawa Japan; early modern Japan.

Timothy Lorek's picture Timothy Lorek


Tim Lorek is a PhD candidate in the Department of History. His dissertation, “Developing Paradise: Agricultural Science in Colombia’s Cauca Valley, 1927-1967” examines a long history of agronomy and environmental changes in a Latin American tropical river valley. He is also co-organizer of the international conference “Traveling Technocrats: Experts and Expertise in Cold War Latin America,” held at Yale in October of 2016, and coordinator of Yale’s Agrarian Studies program for the 2016-17 academic year. His dissertation committee includes Gilbert Joseph (Chair), Paul Sabin, Stuart Schwartz, Marcela Echeverri, and James Scott.

Sarah Pickman's picture Sarah Pickman


material culture; extreme environments; history of exploration, polar regions; history of anthropology; British and American imperialism; indigenous approaches to environment.

Ashanti Shih's picture Ashanti Shih

History of Science, History of Medicine

Ashanti Shih was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. In 2011, she graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in History and Art Practice. Her undergraduate thesis explored the history of Japan’s nuclear energy program, focusing on the controversial use of American nuclear fuel in the 1970s. At Yale, Ashanti studies the history of ecology and environmental history in the Pacific region. Her dissertation, tentatively titled, “Alien Ecologies: Conservation and Identity in Twentieth-century Hawai‘i,” focuses on the history of “species mixing” and invasion biology in the islands. Ashanti will use the national parks as a case study to explore the relationship between ecological categories, conservation practices, and the people of Hawai‘i. Her research and travel has been supported by the Richard U. Light Foundation, the MacMillan Center, the National Science Foundation, and the Bogaty/Crowley Fund for Japanese History and Japanese Studies.

Ashanti is committed to building community around social justice issues. She is active in the Asian American community at Yale and helped found the History, Science, and Justice Collective. She chairs the Earth and Environment Forum (EEF) of the History of Science Society, and contributes to the following online initiatives:, and Seeds: New Research in Environmental History.

History of ecology, environmental history, Asian American history, Pacific Islander studies, Asian studies, STS, visual studies, colonialism and occupation.

Ila Tyagi's picture Ila Tyagi

American Studies and Film Studies

My dissertation, tentatively titled “Seeing the Invisible: The American Oil Industry in Moving Images,” addresses visual solutions to the problem of representing phenomena that elude the eye. Over four chapters, I examine drones equipped with cameras monitoring the enormous spatial sprawl of oilfields in Alaska; guerrilla documentaries looking past BP’s attempts to conceal the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico; animated sequences in Cold War-era sponsored films that depict underground drilling; and early actualities capturing the new appeals to smell, taste, and touch posed by an industry still in its infancy. By being attentive to how moving images extend human vision, I argue, we better understand how they are harnessed as an ideological tool.

Teona Williams's picture Teona Williams

History and African American Studies

US environmental history; political ecology; race and ethnic studies; environmental justice; digital humanities; African American history.

John Faragher's picture John Faragher

Howard R Lamar Professor of History and American Studies

History of the American West, frontiers, and borderlands

Dolores Hayden's picture Dolores Hayden

Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Professor of American Studies

History of American landscapes and the politics of the built environment, history of suburbs

Frank Snowden's picture Frank Snowden

Andrew Downey Orrick Professor of History

European social and political history, the history of medicine, the history of epidemics

Postdocs and Fellows
Nataliia Laas's picture Nataliia Laas

Postdoctoral Associate, Jackson School of Global Affairs

Environmental history, Waste, Toxicity, Environmental Thinking, Environmental Rights, Environmental Justice