Graduate Students

Meenakshi A's picture Meenakshi A


South Asia; materiality; history of technology; environmental history; histories of the built environment.

Kamil Ahsan's picture Kamil Ahsan

History of Science, History of Medicine

environmental history; coral reefs; history of biology; Pacific history.

Allegra Ayida's picture Allegra Ayida


Longue durée; Environmental and maritime history; Niger Delta; oil politics.

Paul Burow's picture Paul Burow

FES and Anthropology

land and wildlife conservation; multi-species entanglements; settler colonialism; Native North America; environmental humanities.

Estrella Castillo's picture Estrella Castillo

History of Science and Medicine

Indigenous science and technology studies; Indigenous religions under the law; hikuri Peyote cactus; anticolonial and decolonial movement; materiality of psychedelics

John D'Amico's picture John D'Amico


social and economic history; Tokugawa Japan; land redevelopment after famine in northeast Japan; changes in the urban social order of nineteenth century Kyoto.

Breeanna Elliott's picture Breeanna Elliott

History of Science, History of Medicine

ethnobotany; oral history; gender; Indian Ocean slave trade networks; traditional medicine and healing systems in Madagascar and Tanzania.

Kristine Ericson's picture Kristine Ericson

Graduate Student, History of Science and Medicine

Environmental history, STS, history of technology, history of design

Martha Guerrero Badillo's picture Martha Guerrero Badillo


U.S. 20th-century history; Latin America; climate-driven migration; rural sustainability; indigenous migrants; U.S. immigration policy