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Paul Burow's picture Paul Burow

FES and Anthropology

Paul Burow is a student in the combined doctoral degree program between the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and Department of Anthropology at Yale University. His work focuses on wildlife conservation, multi-species entanglements, and settler colonialism in North America’s Pacific and Intermountain West. 

Land, Wildlife Conservation, Multi-species Entanglements, Settler Colonialism, Native North America, Environmental Humanities

Yuan Chen's picture Yuan Chen


Environmental history; East Asian history; Middle Period; conquest dynasties; forestry and militarization; food and culture; urban ecology; frontier and borderland. 

Camille Cole's picture Camille Cole


Camille Cole’s dissertation uses a group of Ottoman and Iranian notables – tribal leaders, landowners, and entrepreneurs – as nodes through which to investigate the making of multi-imperial space in what is now southern Iraq. The Ottoman, British, and Qajar states all pursued imperial expansion and consolidation in the region roughly bounded by the Tigris-Euphrates-Karun river basin south of Baghdad. In addition to jockeying for political influence with local notables, all three states carried out projects of modernity, including remaking regional trade with steamships and linking... Read More

John D'Amico's picture John D'Amico


John D’Amico is a second year PhD student. He works on the social and economic history of Tokugawa Japan, with a particular interest in the relationship between merchant capital and society. His recent research has focused on topics ranging from land redevelopment after famine in northeast Japan to changes in the urban social order of Kyoto in the 19th century.

Liana DeMarco's picture Liana DeMarco

History of Science, History of Medicine

Liana DeMarco works on the history of medicine and environmental history in the Americas. Her dissertation traces a transnational history of health culture in Cuba and the Lower Mississippi Valley during the first half of the nineteenth century, arguing that medical and scientific thinkers, health tourists, government officials, and slaveholders formed a cross-colonial knowledge network based on the shared goal of creating landscapes that could maximize both bodily health and agricultural productivity. The project examines changes in medicine, environment,... Read More

Breeanna Elliott's picture Breeanna Elliott

Graduate School Student
Peter Haskin's picture Peter Haskin

Graduate School Student
Chelsea Jack's picture Chelsea Jack


Chelsea Jack is a PhD student in the Anthropology Department at Yale University and a National Science Foundation GRFP Fellow (2016-2021). Her doctoral dissertation research begins with this question: under what conditions have people in the United States returned to farming and experimenting with “industrial hemp,” a politically correct term for an agronomic species of cannabis? This multi-sited ethnographic project––influenced by science and technology studies, environmental and agricultural anthropology, and medical anthropology––examines how a political and social movement for... Read More

Marta Kalabinski


Marta Kalabinski is a PhD candidate specializing in modern Eastern European history, with a particular interest in the political and social history of Poland. She is interested in ports, post-World War II urban reconstruction, the establishment of the Polish postwar communist regime, and resistance to that regime. Her other fields of interest include modern Western Europe and environmental history. She has a BSFS in International History from Georgetown University.

Caitlin Kossmann's picture Caitlin Kossmann

History of Science and Medicine

Global histories of conservation and environment, aesthetics and science, history of the life sciences, meanings of nature/natural in the history of science

Charlotte Leib's picture Charlotte Leib

Graduate School Student
Joanna Linzer's picture Joanna Linzer


Mountains; environmental history; Tokugawa Japan; early modern Japan

Chris Melvin's picture Chris Melvin


Chris Melvin is a second-year PhD student in Latin American and environmental history at Yale University currently working on the history of development and indigenous politics in twentieth-century Latin America. 

Thomas Monaghan's picture Thomas Monaghan


Sugar in Japan; society and the environment; commodities and trade; technology transfers; local history; agricultural experiments; island societies; Brazil and the Caribbean.

Sarah Pickman's picture Sarah Pickman


material culture, extreme environments, history of exploration, polar regions, history of anthropology, British and American imperialism, indigenous approaches to environment

Taylor Rose's picture Taylor Rose


19th and 20th century US environmental history, North American West, race and identity, rural space and place, federal land management, transportation infrastructure

Marshall Watson's picture Marshall Watson


Marshall Watson is a doctoral student in the Department of History whose fields include Ottoman, modern Middle East, and global environmental history. His research interests lie in the emergence of the modern Middle East and the transformation of non-state spaces into governed geographies. Presently he is working on a project that traces the intellectual legacies of orientalist thought in colonial resource management schemes. These themes are buttressed by his academic and personal interest in anarchist philosophy.
Teona Williams's picture Teona Williams

History and African American Studies

U.S environmental history, political ecology, race and ethnic studies, environmental justice, digital humanities, and African American history