Laura Barraclough's picture Laura Barraclough

Assistant Professor American Studies

Ethnographic and spatial analyses of urban life and culture; geography; ethnicity and culture; environmental justice

Paola Bertucci's picture Paola Bertucci

Associate Professor of History and History of Medicine; Assistant Curator Peabody Museum

Science and medicine in the age of Enlightenment: the involvement of the human body in electrical experiments, the material culture of science, science and secrecy

Carol Carpenter's picture Carol Carpenter

Senior Lecturer, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Social ecology, sustainable development and conservation, gender in agrarian and ecological systems.

Deborah Coen's picture Deborah Coen

Professor of History

History of the modern physical and environmental sciences; Central European intellectual and cultural history

Amity Doolittle's picture Amity Doolittle

Senior Lecturer and Research Scientist, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

Property rights and control over natural resources, political ecology, environmental history of Southeast Asia, Latin America, and New Haven

Michael Dove's picture Michael Dove

Margaret K. Musser Professor of Social Ecology and Anthropology; Dep Dir Climate & Energy Inst, Curator Peabody Museum

Environmental anthropology, climate and society, South and Southeast Asia

Fabian Drixler's picture Fabian Drixler

Professor of History

Cultural history and historical demography, climate, Japanese and East Asian history

John Faragher's picture John Faragher

Howard R Lamar Professor of History and American Studies

History of the American West, frontiers, and borderlands

Paul Freedman's picture Paul Freedman

Chester D Tripp Prof History

Medieval social history, the history of Spain, comparative studies of the peasantry, and history of food and cuisine. 

Jay Gitlin's picture Jay Gitlin

Lect History & Assoc Dir Howard R Lamar Ctr for Study of Frontiers & Borders

History of the French in the Mississippi Valley and the Great Lakes, American Indian history, the history of the American West, Canadian history, and the suburbanization of America.  

Robert Harms's picture Robert Harms

Henry J. Heinz Prof History & African Studies

African history, environmental history, colonialism, history of the slave trade. 

Dolores Hayden's picture Dolores Hayden

Professor Emeritus of Architecture and Professor of American Studies

History of American landscapes and the politics of the built environment, history of suburbs

Paul Kennedy's picture Paul Kennedy

J Richardson Dilworth Prof History

Global political and economic history, naval history, grand strategies

Benedict Kiernan's picture Benedict Kiernan

A Whitney Griswold Prof of History

Southeast Asian history, environmental History of Viet Nam, history of genocide, climate, agriculture

Joseph Manning's picture Joseph Manning

William K & Marilyn Milton Simpson Prof of Classics & History; Sr Rsrch Scholar Law Sch

History of the Ancient world, legal and economic history, climate history

Alan Mikhail's picture Alan Mikhail

Professor of History

Environmental history of the early modern and modern Middle East, history of human-animal relations, irrigation and natural resource management, agrarian history

Peter Perdue's picture Peter Perdue

Prof History

Modern Chinese social and economic history, environmental history, history of frontiers, and world history.

Joanna Radin's picture Joanna Radin

Assistant Professor of History of Medicine and History and History and Anthropology

History of biology, medicine, and anthropology since 1945; scientific expeditions, biomedical ethics, human subjects research, collections, and laboratories; history of global health; biomedical technology
William Rankin's picture William Rankin

Asst Prof History

The physical and earth sciences since the mid-19th century; military, industrial, and governmental science; history of cartography; science and architecture; visual studies; environmental history
Carolyn Roberts's picture Carolyn Roberts

Postgraduate Associate, Assistant Professor (starting in 2018), History of Science and Medicine & African American Studies

Fields of interest: 

Medicine and slavery in the Atlantic world; race, medicine, and science; history of medicine in Africa and the African diaspora; health and protest in African American history; non-Western medicine and global health

Paul Sabin's picture Paul Sabin

Professor of History; DUS, Environmental Studies

United States environmental history, energy politics, and political, legal, and economic history

Stuart Schwartz's picture Stuart Schwartz

George Burton Adams Professor of History

History of colonial Latin America, especially Brazil, the history of Early Modern expansion, history of hurricanes and other natural disasters 

Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan's picture Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan

Dinakar Singh Prof of India & South Asia Studies, Prof of Anthropology and Sch of For & Env Stu

Environmental history and political anthropology of forests, agriculture, human-animal relations, and urban environments in India

Frank Snowden's picture Frank Snowden

Andrew Downey Orrick Professor of History

European social and political history, the history of medicine, the history of epidemics

John Wargo's picture John Wargo

Tweedy/Ordway Professor of Environmental Health & Politics and Political Science

Environmental health and food policy, risk analysis, history of public policy. 

Harvey Weiss's picture Harvey Weiss

Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and Anthropology and Forestry & Environmental Studies

Mesopotamia, early agriculture, cities and empires; Holocene paleoclimatology and environmental change.