Ashanti Shih receives 2020 Rachel Carson Prize from American Society for Environmental History

April 1, 2020

Ashanti Shih received the 2020 Rachel Carson Prize from the American Society for Environmental History  for her 2019 dissertation, “Invasive Ecologies: Science and Settler Colonialism in Twentieth-Century Hawai‘i.” In the project, Shih explores the relationship between settler colonialism, science, and environmental preservation in the creation and management of Hawaii National Park—the first national park in an overseas US territory. Her work documents the ways in which Indigenous land was seized to create and continually expand the park, with dispossession justified by the idea that Hawai‘i’s native species were vanishing and required a “natural laboratory” dedicated to volcanology and ecology. Shih is presently a postdoctoral fellow in the humanities at the University of Southern California.