Doctoral Dissertations Since 2010


Teona Williams, “Deepening Roots: Black Feminist Ecological Practices in the Civil Rights Era, 1940-1990,” 2022. Advisors: Dr. Paul Sabin and Dr. Crystal Feimster. Website

Joanna Linzer, “Iron Archipelago: Environment and Industry in Early Modern and Modern Japan,” (2021).  Advisor: Dr. Daniel Botsman. Website

Yuan Julian Chen, “China’s Song Dynasty’s Capital of Kaifeng and Its Hinterlands: An Environmental History, 960-1127,” (2020) Advisor: Dr. Valerie Hansen. Website

Camille Cole, “Empire on Edge: Land, Law, and Capital in Gilded Age Basra,” (2020) Advisor: Dr.Alan Mikhail. Website

Keri Lambert, “Elastic Allegiances: Rubber, Development, and the Production of Sovereignties in Ghana, 1880-2017,” (2020) Advisor: Dr. Robert Harms. Website

Adrián Lerner Patrón, “Jungle Cities: The Urbanization of Amazonia,” (2020) Advisors: Dr. Gilbert M. Joseph and Dr. Stuart Schwartz. Website

Timothy Lorek, “Developing Paradise: Agricultural Science in Colombia’s Cauca Valley, 1927-1967,” (2019) Advisor: Dr. Gilbert M. Joseph. Website

Eric Rutkow, “The Longest Line on the Map:  The United States and the Quest to Link the Americas,” (2017) Advisors: Dr. Glenda Gilmore and Dr. Gilbert M. Joseph Website

Abigail Agresta,Many Waters: An Environmental History of Valencia, 1300-1500,” (2016) Advisor: Dr. Paul Freedman. Website

Arielle Gorin, “Cascadian Crossings: The Battle for the Pacific Northwest Borderlands after the Oregon Treaty,” (2016) Advisor: Dr. John Mack Faragher. Website

Ryan Hall, “Blackfoot Country: The Indigenous Borderlands of the North American Fur Trade, 1782-1870,” (2015) Advisors: Dr. John Mack Faragher and Dr. Ned Blackhawk. Website

Andrew Horowitz, The End of Empire, Louisiana: Disaster and Recovery on the Gulf Coast, 1915-2012“ (2014) Advisor: Glenda Gilmore. Website

Victor McFarland, “Living in Never-Never Land: The United States, Saudi Arabia, and Oil in the 1970s,” (2014) Advisor: Dr. John Lewis Gaddis. Website

Todd Holmes, “Political Backlash: The Corporate West, The United Farm Workers’ Movement, and the Rise of Reaganism in American Politics,” (2013) Advisors: Dr. John Mack Faragher and Dr. Glenda Gilmore. Website

Gene Tempest, “The Long Face of War: Horses and the Nature of Warfare in the French and British Armies on the Western Front,” (2013) Advisor: John Merriman  

Jacob S. T. Dlamini, “Putting Kruger National Park in its Place: A Social History of Africans and Conservation in a Modernizing South Africa, 1900-2010,” (2012) Advisor: Robert Harms. Website

Catherine McNeur, “The ‘Swinish Multitude’ and Fashionable Promenades: Battles over Public Space in New York City, 1815-65,” (2012) Advisor: Dr. John Mack Faragher. Website

Taylor Spence, “The Endless Commons: Indigenous and Immigrant in the British-American Borderland, 1835-48,” (2012) Advisor: Dr. John Mack Faragher. Website

Sarah Cameron, “The Hungry Steppe: Soviet Kazakhstan and the Kazakh Famine, 1921-1934,” (2010) Advisor: Dr. Laura Engelstein. Website

Catherine Dunlop, “Borderland cartographies: Mapping the lands between France and Germany, 1860–1940,” (2010) Advisor: Dr. John Merriman. Website

Barry Muchnick, “Nature’s Republic: Fresh Air Reform and the Moral Economy of Citzenship in Turn of the Century America,” (2010) Advisors: Dr. Michael Dove and  Dr. John Mack Faragher. Website


History of Science, History of Medicine

Sarah Pickman, “The Right Stuff: Material Culture, Comfort, and the Making of Explorers, 1820-1940,” (2023) Advisor: Dr. Joanna Radin. Website 

Liana DeMarco, “Sick Time: Medicine, Management, and Slavery in Louisiana and Cuba, 1763-1868” (2022) Advisor: Dr. John Harley Warner. Website

Ashanti Shih, “Invasive Ecologies:  Science and Settler Colonialism in Twentieth-Century Hawai’i,” (2019) Advisor: Dr. Paul Sabin. Website

Rachel Rothschild, “A Poisonous Sky: Scientific Research and International Diplomacy on Acid Rain,” (2015) Advisor: Dr. Daniel J. Kevles. Website

Robin Scheffler, “Cancer Viruses and the Construction of Biomedicine in the United States from 1900-1980,” (2014) Advisor: Dr. Daniel J. Kevles. Website

Ying Jia Tan, “Revolutionary Current: Electricity and the Formation of the Party State in China and Taiwan, 1937-1957,” (2015) Advisor: Dr. Frank Snowden. Website

 Helen Anne Curry, “Accelerating Evolution, Engineering Life: American Agriculture and Technologies of Genetic Modification, 1925-60,” (2012) Advisor: Daniel J. Kevles. Website

American Studies

Sigma Colon, “Watershed Colonialism and Popular Geographies of North American Rivers,” (2017) Advisors: Dr. Alicia Schmidt-Camacho and Dr. Katherine Morrissey. Website

Francesca Ammon, “Culture of Clearance: Waging War on the Landscape in Postwar America,” (2012) Advisor: Dr. Dolores Hayden. Website

Christine DeLucia, “The Memory Frontier: Geographies of Violence and Regeneration in Colonial New England and the Native Northeast after King Phillip’s War,” (2012) Advisor: Dr. John Mack Faragher. Website

April Merleaux,Sugar and Civilization: Race, Empire, and the Cultural Politics of Sweetness in the United States, 1898-1939,” (2010) Advisor: Dr. Stephen Pitti. Website 

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