Liana DeMarco

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History of Science, History of Medicine

Liana DeMarco works on the history of medicine and environmental history in the Americas. Her dissertation traces a transnational history of health culture in Cuba and the Lower Mississippi Valley during the first half of the nineteenth century,¬†arguing that¬†medical and scientific thinkers, health tourists, government officials, and slaveholders formed a cross-colonial knowledge network based on the shared goal of creating landscapes that could maximize both bodily health and agricultural productivity. The project examines changes in medicine, environment, and environmental thinking in urban and rural spaces, demonstrating how top-down colonial knowledge was continually reconstituted through its engagement with local health cultures. Before coming to Yale, Liana worked for the Department of History at Harvard University and the Office of U.S. Senator Bernard Sanders. She holds a B.A. in history from Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, Vermont and a M.A. in history from the University of Massachusetts Boston.